40 years of family German Shepherds


Congratulations to these dedicated owners, trainers and exhibitors of Wiesental dogs on their wonderful acheivements .

TaigheTD Congratulations to owner/trainer/handler Lesley Hutchins and “Taighe” (on the left), on their new Tracking title.

Judge Louise Weaver’s comments: “This boy dragged his handler to the start flag and took off at a dead run. Apart from one circle between the start flags they ran the whole track and finished in 4 minutes without stepping off the track once.”

Wiesental’s Wotan Harkleen TD, CGN

Congratulations to John and Sue Soars and Ryker on their new Companion Dog title (CD), acheived with scores of 190, 194 and 194. Ryker just Xrayed clear hips and elbows!

Ryker passed his Temperament Test at the GSDCC National!

Wiesental’s Winnetou Harkleen CD

Congratulations to Kathy Frankland and Angus on their new Companion Dog title. Angus is also an accomplished Agility competitor.

Angus passed his Temperament Test at the GSDCC National!

Wiesental’s Voltaire Harkleen CGN, PCD, CD, TT