40 years of family German Shepherds

Family Dogs

First and foremost Wiesental dogs are family dogs. They are bred and raised in my home, with my children years ago, and now with my grandchildren. A dog with a stable, trainable, sweet natured, playful temperament in a sound, healthy body is my highest priority.

GSD163 The whole family takes part in giving our puppies a good foundation, with my children and now their children socializing several generations of Wiesental dogs.This is my daughter Jackie with a Wiesental puppy, taken many years ago.
GSD155 My daughter Jackie and now her children take an active part in rasing Wiesental puppies.
GSD190 My daughter Karen has been involved with our dogs her entire life.
GSD189 My Scarlett, Wiesental’s Lavender Blue, with her best buddy, my son Allan
GSD052 All Wiesental puppies are raised from birth with children, to develop a temperament that is stable, sensible and trustworthy.
GSD040 My dogs are born and raised and live in my home, never in a kennel. The mind and spirit of a German shepherd only fourishes in a family home environment.
GSD143 My dogs have always been part of the family and take part in all our activities.
GSD161 Wiesental dogs love the water! Elfie thought she was part porpoise.
GSD055 My dogs are companions to each other as well as to the family. Elfie and Scarlett were the best of friends their whole lives long.
GSD187 All the Wiesental girls have helped in the raising of our puppies. My Scarlett offers a tidbit to her baby grandson.
GSD188 OK kids, this is how you hold a stick!
GSD057 Wiesental’s Nahanni (Maya), daughter of Scarlet, with her companion Fluffy.  Our dogs are exposed to other pets and animals to encourage sociable behaviour and good manners.
GSD126 My Alli, daughter of CH Wiesental’s Nikolai (Teddy) and Shawlein Red Roses (sister to Tim SchH3).
rosie Rosie
elfie Elfie
GSD184 Jubilee
Cora001 Cora
GSD012 Our dogs socialize with visitors and their dogs. My Alli Pal enjoys the company of Linda Shaw and her dog, cousin Tim, Shawlein Easter Parade SchH3.